I am a Belgian architect living in Brighton-UK. I lived in Beirut-Lebanon from 1993 till August 2015.


My professional background in architecture and interest in photography brought me to photograph the rich and eclectic architecture of Beirut, the ongoing cycle of destruction and reconstruction, its ever-changing urban landscape, contrasts and various identities as well  as scenes of everyday life. 

I have documented Lebanon's rich flora with its wild flowers, indigenous plants and trees. My macro lens is my favorite tool for photographing nature in its smallest and most abstract form. 

In Lebanon, I have been commissioned to photograph various completed projects by architects, landscape architects and artists. These focus on capturing their identity and sense of place.


I learned pottery at Nathalie Khayat's Studio in Beirut and have been working there since 2006.

My 'smoked pots' series was exhibited during Beirut Design week 2014 at Rosa Maria Concept Store in Mar Michael. They are hand-built stoneware pots, burnished and smoked-fired in wood shavings. The finished pieces are smooth and retain the scent of woodsmoke. Some of the pots have imprints of wild plants from Lebanon.